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Koh Samui Beaches

Koh Samui is famous for its well-known tropical and beautiful beaches that spread across the island. There are more than 20 beaches to visit during a holiday on Koh Samui. The two most popular beaches of Chaweng and Lamai are situated at the east coast of the island; actually most of the beaches are located on that coast. That’s why we focus in this very article on the beaches of Koh Samui’s east coast. From lively to quiet and relaxed beaches, there is the perfect spot for everyone.

The most northern as well as the southern beaches of the east coast are the most quiet ones. We will list them in order from north to south.

1. Tongsai Bay

Properties Away Beaches Koh Samui - Tongsai Bay
The fine white sand beach at the Tongsai Bay is the home of the first 5 star hotel of Koh Samui, which was opened in 1985. Situated in a private secluded bay the hotel offers 83 suites and villas on the compound and in addition two large swimming pools with a view over the ocean. The only downside is that you can’t reach the beach, if you are not a guest of the hotel.

Google Maps Location: Tongsai Bay

2. Choeng Mon Beach

Properties Away Choeng Mon Beach - Koh Samui

Located in the northeast of Koh Samui the Choeng Mon Beach was considered a good kept secret with tourists for a long time. During the high season the beach can get busy, but if you are visiting Choeng Mon Beach off season it is still one of the most relaxed and quiet beaches on the east coast of the island. The water is really good for swimming, you can find some restaurants at the beach offering umbrellas and sun beds and there a still a few shady spots to get out of the sun.

Choeng Mon Beach is mostly visited by families or tourists, which have known the beach for quite some time. Another nice thing to do at Choeng Mon Beach is kayaking to the small island Koh Fan Noi that is situated close to the beach, during low tide you can even walk to the island. If you want to avoid crowded beaches than Choeng Mon Beach is absolutely a place to check out.

Google Maps Location: Choeng Mon

3. Yai Noi Beach

Properties Away Yai Noi Beach - Koh Samui
The Yai Noi Beach is similar to the Tongsai Bay, because it is very secluded and mostly you can only reach it through the hotels like the Anantara Lawana oder Nora Beach Resort. But actually the Yai Noi Beach isn’t the best, because it is very rocky and shallow.

Sometimes the Yai Noi Beach is referred to as the northern Part of the popular Chaweng Beach, because the Yai Noi Bay adjoins the Chaweng Beach in the north. On high tide it is suitable to swim, but usually the hotel guests prefer to stay in the swimming pool rather than the ocean.

Google Maps Location: Yai Noi

4. Chaweng Beach

Properties Away Beaches Koh Samui - Chaweng Beach
Chaweng Beach is the most popular beach of Koh Samui and therefore attracts most tourists. The beach offers fine white sand, clear water and is mostly quite clean, because of the many hotels, which are located directly at the beachfront. But it’s also a disadvantage with all the hotels, because you have to go through them to reach the beach. However, there is one main public entrance at the southern end near the Chaweng Walking Street. As soon as the sun sets you can also meet many locals on this part of the beach, not so much for swimming, but rather to have some food at the beach, because you can find many beach vendors near the public entrance.

Since Chaweng Beach is popular with tourists you can also visit some beach clubs like the Ark Bar or restaurants at the beach to spend your day- or night time. The beach is also very good for swimming, because it is not too shallow and the sand inside the water is fine as well without any rocks. The Chaweng Beach is definitely one of the most visited beaches on Koh Samui, but also one of the most beautiful.

Google Maps Location: Chaweng Beach

5. Chaweng Noi Beach

Properties Away Beaches Koh Samui - Chaweng Noi Beach
Chaweng Noi is located just south of Chaweng with the beach beginning where the Chaweng Beach ends. Chaweng Noi means something like small Chaweng, which is a really appropriate name as it is just about one kilometer long. The beach also has fine white sand and the clear water is nice for a swim, if you stay away from the most southern part, which is kind of rocky.

A small part of Chaweng Noi can be seen from the ring road, but the most is somewhat secluded. However, more and more visitors are coming to Chaweng Noi, especially since The Beach, a large beach club, is situated there.

Google Maps Location: Chaweng Noi  Beach

6. Coral Cove Beach

Properties Away Beaches Koh Samui - Coral Cove
Directly at the ring road which leads around Koh Samui you can find the Coral Cove Beach. It can be seen briefly on the left side of the ring road just a few minutes south of Chaweng. The beach is small and less crowded than the Chaweng Beach. On-site there are some accommodations like the Coral Cove Chalet or Hi Coral Cove Bungalows.

Here you can relax on the beach, have a drink or some food in the beachfront restaurant or go snorkeling. The Coral Cove Beach is one of the best spots for snorkeling on Koh Samui’s east coast, at least around the huge rocks on both ends of the beach. The water gets deep quite fast and therefore it is really nice for a swim to cool off in the heat of Thailand.

Google Maps Location: Coral Cove

7. Silver Beach

Properties Away Beaches Koh Samui - Silver Beach
The Silver Beach is known by many names. Its Thai name is Thongtakian Beach, but people also call the beach Crystal Bay, because of a same-named beach resort. The beach is situated close to the main ring road, behind a couple of hotels. You can find the Silver Beach on your left-hand side going south from Chaweng. There are signs with the word beach, Crystal Bay Resort or Rock Salt Restaurant.

Here you can park and head to the beach. It has fine white sand and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Koh Samui. There are a few stones at the beginning in the water, but after a couple of meters, it’s very nice for a swim. Be aware, in high season the beach can be pretty crowded, because the beach bars attract many visitors.

Google Maps Location: Silver Beach

8. Lamai Beach

Properties Away Beaches Koh Samui - Lamai Beach
Lamai Beach is the main beach of Koh Samui’s second most popular tourist resort. The vibe of Lamai is much more relaxed and quiet than Chaweng. Nevertheless, Lamai Beach offers everything you need to enjoy your holiday. The beach isn’t too crowded and you will always find a nice spot for yourself. The sand is not really white, but still fine and clean.

If you want to go for a swim Lamai Beach is also a very good choice, but watch out the water gets deep really fast, so not all spots are suitable for children, at least if you don’t want to watch them at all times. Furthermore, there are some hotels and restaurants directly at the beach, if you want to buy some food or drinks. If you like Chaweng, but it’s a little bit too busy for you, then Lamai Beach would be a better choice. Check out our latest post about Lamai: Top things to do in Lamai

Google Maps Location: Lamai Beach

9. Hua Thanon Beach

Properties Away Beaches Koh Samui - Hua Thanon
Hua Thanon is a small fisherman’s village and home to most of the Muslim population on the island. There is also a mosque that you can visit. However, Hua Thanon Beach is favored by couples and families, because it’s kept very natural and quiet. The water is mostly shallow which is especially good for kids, but if you go a little bit deeper inside the ocean Hua Thanon Beach is still great for swimming. The beach offers fine white sand, some hotels and beach bars and is mostly clean, despite the algae coming from the ocean. A good option to spend some nice and relaxed time on the beach.

Google Maps Location: Hua Thanon

10. Laem Set Beach / Natien Beach

Properties Away Beaches Koh Samui - Laem Set or Natien Beach
In the southeast of Koh Samui you can find the Laem Set Beach, sometimes also called Natien Beach, because of the peninsula at the northern end of the beach. It is a bit remote but great for walks along the fine sand. The Centara Villas Samui is situated at the Laem Set Beach, but otherwise, it offers a peaceful environment, lonely spots and lovely motifs to take some pictures. From the southern end of the Laem Set Beach, you also have a view at the offshore islands of Koh Madsum and Koh Tan, which is very beautiful. Unfortunately, the beach isn’t the best spot if you want to swim, because of the many stones and the shallow water.

Google Maps Location: Laem Set or Nathian Beach

Like stated in the beginning this was just a small overview with all the beaches on the east coast of Koh Samui. More beaches are situated in the north, south or west, of course. Some of the most popular after Chaweng and Lamai Beach are for example Maenam or Bophut Beach, which are located on the north coast of Koh Samui. If you are visiting Koh Samui for a tropical holiday, you will find a beach which suits your needs best easily.

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