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Samui Enduro Adventure Properties Away


What to expect in Samui Enduro Adventures?

The Samui Enduro Adventures is an exciting and adrenaline-fuelled journey that takes you through dirt roads, deep sandy trails, single-tracks via jungles, rocky rutted hillside climbs, stream crossings, creeks and even waterfalls. You not only get to enjoy the experience of a lifetime but also bask in the natural beauty of Thailand. This is a great way to see the real wild side of this country with breathtaking scenery, while enjoying spectacular views. Trained staff is present to provide and assist you with anything required to go on an enduro adventure. You can opt for dirt bikes, ATV adventures, tours & safaris through jungles and mountains, and so on.

Understand the Commitment

While dirt bikes sound cool and fun, they aren’t for the faint-hearted! A lot of people are under the misconception that riding dirt bikes is like any other sport or hobby, but it is assuredly not so. Dirt bikes will be provided to you on rent, but you need to know exactly how to ride them, or else it won’t be of any use. If you are unable to maneuver through rugged terrains and rough roads, it is best to steer clear. You will be provided with riding gear such as helmet, riding boots, gloves and goggles. You can wear jeans and a heavy jacket your first few times out. But once you decide riding dirt bikes is now part of your life, grab a jersey and pants. The appropriate riding gear is cooler, fits better and allows for additional protection like knee braces.

Create a Lifetime Passion

As mentioned, dirt bike riding isn’t easy. It is hard and not just the actual riding and staying upright but figuring out the brake, gas, and clutch can be a bit overwhelming. Riding with friends gives you a great opportunity to correct mistakes and offer advice and suggestions on how to ride better and figure out the controls.

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Trained staff will assist you

Those who are trying out an enduro adventure for the very first time don’t fret! At Samui Enduro Adventures, have a team consisting of minibus drivers, Thai girls for helping riders change in and out of their gear, keeping the gear clean & serving refreshments, ATV guides, cooks, experienced mechanics, enduro support riders, and of course, enduro tour guides. You are fully taken care of and in perfectly good hands!

Modified and Upgraded Enduro Bikes

Samui Enduro Tour Properties Away

Dirt bikes provided are generally Kawasaki KLX, Honda CRF, etc. Don’t worry these are the latest models with various upgrades to suit all riders’ sizes, shapes, and abilities. If you are feeling adventurous, go ahead and try the range of 125cc to 300cc highly tuned bikes, so you can ride away to glory. In case you don’t feel up to all that power, opt for customized smaller bikes. Don’t worry – the staff will find the right bike as per your skillset and comfort level. The fleet is maintained as per the highest standards, so safety isn’t a concern at all. Bikes are routinely inspected and serviced, parts replaced and engines tuned to perfection. If the bikes have undergone considerable wear and tear, they will be replaced, so you get the very best enduro adventure.

You don’t have to buy anything

Enduro adventurers don’t need to worry about getting riding equipment – everything is available at Samui Enduro Adventures and from well-known brand names of Alpinestars, Gaerne, Sidi and Fox.

Go for customized Koh Samui enduro tour

Koh Samui Enduro Adventure Properties Away

These fabulous Thailand Enduro tours will leave you feeling like you have really accomplished something seriously special. Beginners and novice riders might feel slightly nervous at the start, but rest assured, qualified professionals with years of experience under their belt will patiently teach you how to ride and improve skills.

Experienced enduro riders just sit back and enjoy the ride. For expert riders looking for some hardcore extreme enduro trails, you won’t be disappointed.
You can choose from several tours depending upon your skill levels – tours are modified accordingly. Rates are reasonable with excellent packages that are pocket-friendly. This is a great chance to have an ultimate enduro thrill at decent rates. Did you know that dirt bike trails on Koh Samui are on average 2-3 times cheaper than similar tours in Europe the U.S and Australia?

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No complaints or disappointments!

Koh Samui Enduro Adventure Properties Away Koh Samui

Before going on a dirt bike ride, check out the facilities, bikes, riding gear, trails, and safety records. Talk to the guide if possible, so you can get an idea of whether they will be suitable for you.
Samui Island Adventures is a TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) licensed company. Everything about our setup is top-notch and extremely professional. This way you get true value for money and won’t be disappointed that you had to overpay. You can take a peek at our Facebook page or website for reviews.

A few tips for Koh Samui enduro tour beginners
• Don’t sit too far back on the bike or you might pop a wheelie accidentally. Sit forward on the bike.
• Squeeze the bike with your knees. You will get arm pump if you use your arms for all turning and control. By squeezing with your knees, you can use your leg power to tilt and turn the bike.
• All your weight shouldn’t be on your butt. Put weight on the footpegs and slightly sit up with a straight back.
• Put out your elbows away from the body and high up in the air. This will give you much more power to make quick turns and control the bike if you start to lose traction.

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Ready for your very own Samui Enduro adventure? Here are some of popular Samui Enduro Adventures

Mountain Loop Adventure

A 5-hour adventure that includes a sumptuous Thai style lunch, you leave at 10 in the morning. The best part is this tour can be tweaked for both beginner and experienced riders, as they traverse through beautiful jungles and check out views over tops of mountains. The tracks are a mixture of soft and hard clay, dirt, sand, mud and small river crossings, stopping off at 2 waterfalls and a viewpoint for lunch. Do check out the highest point the island at Lamai Temple.

Newbie/Beginner Adventure

As is evident from the name, this tour is perfect for those trying out dirt biking in Samui for the very first time. It lasts for a couple of hours, and you get ample opportunity to explore the island through the jungle, coconut plantations, villages and backstreets, and on the water as well (at the time of coming back). The pace is steady and not too rushed so newbies won’t have a problem. You can take photos and have refreshments at the highest temple on the island.

Scooter Temple Tour

This tour lasts for 8 hours with a delicious lunch at a scenic viewpoint. You get to check out attractions like Wat Bo Phuttharam, Big Buddha, Wat Plai Laem, Wat Khao Hua Jook, , Guan Yu Chinese temple, Wat Khunaram with the mummified monk, Wat Na Phra Lan along the way of choice between.


The 3-hour ride takes you through jungles and over mountain tops and the trails are a mix of smooth and rugged, so it is better suited for experienced riders. Here too, you will be taken to the Lamai Temple, so you can check out the scenic beauty of this island. Other splendid viewpoints are included in the package too.

Around The Island Safari

An 8-hour thrilling adventure around the island of Koh Samui, which includes lunch and entry fees to all attractions. The island has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, natural beauty, and so on, and this tour is the ideal way to experience those. Both beginners and expert riders can go on this safari. You will ride a mix of road and off-road around the island stopping at viewpoint’s waterfalls, temples, and local attractions. How does a tranquil swim at the Na Muang Waterfall sound? If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can simply relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of the water and jungle nearby. Attractions and sights include the Monkey Farm, Dusit Dhewa Cultural Centre, Paradise Park, Magic Garden and Hin Ta Hin Yai (Grandmother and Grandfather rock). Thai style lunch is served at a popular viewpoint.

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