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Properties Away Street Markets on Koh Samui - Fisherman's Village

Koh Samui night markets are a part of Thailand’s culture and therefore you have a wide selection of them almost everywhere in the country. Of course, Koh Samui offers lots of night markets, too. From daily night markets to weekly walking streets, they are spread across the whole island and they are a fantastic place to visit in the evenings. Whether you want to do some shopping for souvenirs, looking for a variety of Thai dishes to try or you just like to stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere, the night markets are offering something for everybody.

Koh Samui Markets – Overview

Properties Away Street Markets on Koh Samui- Overview

In the following article, we want to introduce you to 7 Koh Samui markets, one for each day of the week, to make your holiday on Koh Samui remarkable and exciting.

1. Chaweng Walking Street

Properties Away Street Markets on Koh Samui - Walking Street Chaweng

The Chaweng Walking Street is located near the Phetch Buncha Muay Thai Stadium and attracts a lot of visitors every day. It is open daily from 4.30 P.M. until midnight and offers a variety of food and lots of stalls that sell souvenirs, clothes and other practical goods. Friday and Sunday the shopping stalls move to some weekly walking streets and are therefore closed. But the food court is still open. Try some delicious Thai dishes, grilled squid or fish and start the evening with a nice, but cheap cocktail at the ambient mobile cocktail bars.

Google Maps Location: Chaweng Walking Street

2. Chaweng Night Market

Somewhat misleading by its name the Chaweng Night Market has only a few stalls where you can buy souvenirs or something similar. The Chaweng Night Market is mostly a food. Every evening from 5.00 P.M. this small market across the street from Chaweng Lake offers delicious Thai food and many Western cuisines at low prices.

You can reach the market as well from the Chaweng Beach Road, located behind the popular Star Gym fitness center. But even without stalls for shopping you can spend quite some time at the Chaweng Night Market after your food. There are also several small bars that offer cocktails starting at 80 baht and often you can enjoy some live music. A great place to start the evening.

Google Maps Location: Chaweng Night Market

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3. Choeng Mon Night Market

Every Wednesday the Choeng Mon Night Market takes place opposite the Royal Muang Resort in the center of the town. It is a neatly arranged market which isn’t that big, but you can still find a couple of stalls to sell you everything you need. From souvenirs to bring home your loved ones to original Thai food like Pad Thai or the famous Papaya salad.

But since there are not many chairs and tables it is better suited if you want to take some food away. By the way, the small village market opens around 5.00 P.M. and the stalls start closing at 10.00 P.M.

Google Maps Location: Choeng Mon Night Market

4. Maenam Walking Street

A good way to start the early evening on a Thursday is the Maenam Walking Street. The market is located in Maenam’s Chinatown with a nice ambiance surrounded by old townhouses and of course a Chinese temple. The walking street is open from 5.00 P.M. until 11.00 P.M. Many stalls are set up on-site, which run through the village for several hundred meters.

There is also a small stage where you can enjoy some live music by expats or locals on the guitar, which always attracts a small audience. However, you can also find ordinary souvenirs, electric goods, sunglasses and more as well as lots of food. You could even buy some of those nice dishes, head down to the beach and enjoy it with a fantastic view at Koh Phangan during the sunset.

Google Maps Location: Maenam Walking Street

5. Bophut Walking Street – Fisherman’s Village

Properties Away Street Markets on Koh Samui - Fisherman's Village

On every Friday evening starting at 5.00 P.M. you can visit the huge walking street in Bophut. Besides the Lamai Walking Street on Sunday it is the largest on the island. The Bophut Walking Street leads from the Shopping Mall The Wharf through the entire Fisherman’s Village and has many stalls selling souvenirs, drinks, food and more.

It has a special atmosphere with all the old townhouses inside the Fisherman’s Village and sometimes you can also find some live music along the walking street. Go on a culinary journey and explore the food of Thailand, buy some souvenirs to remember your holiday or enjoy the market at one of the small and lovely cocktail bars. One of the walking street highlights of Koh Samui.

Google Maps Location: Walking Street – Fisherman’s Village

6. Big C Walking Street – Bophut

The Walking Street of the Big C Supercenter in Bophut opens its stalls every Saturday from 5.00 P.M. to 11.00 P.M. on the parking lot for visitors. The Big C shopping mall is located directly at the ring road which leads around Koh Samui and not to miss. On-site you will find various stalls that sell clothes, souvenirs or even many Thai delicacies. A walking street is always a good place to try many small snacks while taking a walk around the market.

Google Maps Location: Big C Walking Street

7. Sunday Walking Street in Lamai

Properties Away Street Markets on Koh Samui - Walking Street Lamai

The Lamai Walking Street takes place every Sunday from 5.00 P.M. until 11.00 P.M. in the heart of the town. It is one of the largest walking streets on Koh Samui and likewise popular amongst locals and tourists. The Sunday Walking Street is situated on the Had Lamai Road and the one that crosses that road.

Along both streets, you will find a huge amount of stalls set up. While the Had Lamai Road features mostly stalls that sell souvenirs, electric goods, clothes and more, the other road is mainly catering to the hungry folks. There you will find lots of stalls selling Thai food, desserts, Western food like Kebab or Pizza and many more. The variety of food is huge. Stroll around the market, buy some souvenirs, eat some fresh food or enjoy some cocktails. It’s the best way to end a nice Sunday.

Google Maps Location: Lamai Walking Street

Obviously those 7 markets around Koh Samui don’t represent all of them, because if you are really into Thai night markets there are much more to explore.

For example, there are two more night markets on Wednesday. One at the Central Festival shopping mall in Chaweng at the entrance which is opposite the Chaweng Lake and one more in Hua Thanon at the huge Guan Yu Shrine. If you are nearby, they are definitely worth checking out.

How about the daily night market at the Pier of the island’s main town Nathon or famous beaches on the east coast? Grab your dinner at one of the stalls and enjoy it during the sunset on the west coast of Koh Samui. Or if you are staying in Lamai don’t miss the daily Lamai Night Plaza with a huge variety of local goods like souvenirs, clothes or food, of course.

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