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We are being asked with increasing demand from our guests, which tours and agency’s we would recommend. Since our clientage is mostly Germany, Swiss and Austria based, we were uncomfortable to recommend most of the Koh Samui Tours for German-speaking tourists.

And let’s be fair, a big chunk of these so-called guides and agency’s on the island, lack the proper license, insurances and quality service. It is a hard competition out there and with any means are implicated at the cost of the tourists.

You might have heard of the horror stories, people getting in an accident on a tour and it would later be found out there weren’t any insurance or license to run the business and you are stranded alone with a hefty hospital bill in a foreign country, in one of the better cases. Worst cases scenarios are ending with the deaths of people, cause of lack of safety standards, overcrowding, lack of knowledge and simple greed.

As locals who have lived here for a long time, we are always in contact with tourists and Thais and have experienced most of the problems first hand, so we were thinking about a solution, to enhance our guest’s experiences.

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Today we want to introduce our newly launched Koh Samui Tours Website: kohsamuiausflug.de

The Ko Samui Tours website was created in cooperation with a finely selected Koh Samui tours agency and was designed to provide an affordable priced and with superb quality tours for our guests.
We only work with legal licensed tour operators and guides, who have the proper documentation, insurances and offer a standout experience for our Koh Samui activities. Primarily we are focusing to provide our guest with first rated quality and reasonably priced tours!

Our focus is on quality instead of quantity, that’s why we are inspecting every single tour by ourselves first, to see if it fits our standards.

Points of Quality Standard Koh Samui tours:

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1. Safety

We are checking every tour for safety standards, to be safe in case of a complication.
As an example, for a boat tour:

Are there any or enough functional life jackets?

It is important to equip every guest with a fully functional life jacket, which also has to be explained how it works.

Are there any passengers insured?

Insurance has to be the right type and with high compensation to cover for an accident, also it has to be valid.

How many people are allowed to board?

It is important not to overload the boat, there can be life-threatening situations, like a man-over board.

What happens at bad weather conditions?

In case of bad weather conditions, the boats should not leave, as the safety of the guests come first. This is done case by case from the tour operators.

Condition of the vessel?

Another important point is the current condition of the boat itself, if it’s fit to sail out with guests onboard.

2. License

Another important point is the license. Are the licenses valid or are even for the right business type? Is this a legal tour at all? Sure thing you don’t want to be stuck in one of the regular police raids on illegal tour operators or getting in the cross-fire of illegal competing businesses. We will frequently check every single tour operator, on the basis of their TAT-license number with the officials and we will check the staffs for the proper licenses. This is to ensure to enhance your experience on our tours.

3. Equipment

A big problem in Thailand is the set-up and maintenance of the equipment, due to the lack of existing knowledge, money or just simple ignorance. You don’t want a zip line breaking down in the middle of the ride or a jet ski malfunctioning, it can cause you to pay for something which wasn’t your fault or in worst case scenario cause you serious harm. That’s why we will inspect all equipment first before offering the tours and also on a regular basis to make sure that everything is ready to be operated.

4. Briefing

A tour briefing is to be provided to you, preferably before the start of the tour. This is a comprehensive tour itinerary data, needed facilities, altitude, weather, etc. For your full knowledge of the trip itinerary, inquiries and any doubts have to be answered.

5. Itinerary

To create an amazing experience, it is necessary to have a well thought out program. Tour operators which provide half-hearted itineraries will be sorted out by us, we collaborate with operators who truly think about how to create an amazing atmosphere and getting you to enjoy the experience. Unique tours which show the charm of the island and the surroundings are preferred by us, to explore the roads of Thailand.

After all, we want you to enjoy your holiday, bring fantastic memories back home and to show stunning images for your friends and family at home.

6. Pricing

What turns most guests away from bookings are the prices and the value you get for it. After carefully comparing the pricing structures of various tour operators, not only in Koh Samui but all over in Thailand, we got a rough feeling of what is the tour market value. To ensure that you get the best deals, we offer you only the best valued Koh Samui activities with no hidden fees. Everything is clearly stated on our website and we are offering the best available discounts.

7. Staff

To offer the best experience and quality service, we are also taking a closer look at the staff’s attitude and skills. Are they knowledgeable about the tour, what is their English proficiency and most important of all, are they making you feel welcome or not. A good tour depends indisputable on the staff’s performance, the best planned out activity doesn’t help if you feel uncomfortable and nobody cares about you.

8. Reviews

Reviews are a great tool to get a closer look at the tours but are also a double-edged sword and have to be carefully analyzed. We are always searching for operators with outstanding reviews, but also not to be tricked by fake reviews. A bit of general advice is that you can ignore the top and bottom 5% of any reviews since they will be fake. It happens often that due to misunderstandings, false expectations or trying to get a discount, that people will leave bad reviews.

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The best Koh Samui tours and activities available for everyone:

With these steps, we hope to set a minimum point’s quality standard and that other tour provider will follow us, to create the best environment for people around the world!

We work steadily to achieve our goal is to bring you closer to the idyllic and amazing scenery of the islands of Koh Samui. To let you explore the top Koh Samui activities. With enough demand, we will extend soon our services to English speaking travelers.

The moral of this story is that no matter how much they promote their tours, no matter how less we pay for it … some stories just don’t have a happy ending without quality standards.

Let us know what you think about our new Koh Samui tours website: kohsamuiausflug.de!

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