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For many, the island of Koh Samui is the ultimate destination spot. People visit to soak in the beauty and natural ambiance it provides.

To enable you to get around, you will need a professional and licensed travel agent. They will help you with all you require to ensure the journey is smooth from your point of entry until when you leave the shores of the island.

To answer a couple of requests, we have decided to create a distinct website to cater to our clients all over the world, especially you.

Furthermore, in other to safeguard the integrity of our country and safety of foreigners who visit this island, we are a certified and insured travel body providing unique tour services that will ensure your safety, security. It is also helping tourists experience this beautiful island leaving you with the best with any negative vibes.

Ours is a brand with years of experience in delivering excellent tours services to all who choose to visit this island. Whether it is for vacationing, holidaying, and thrill-seeking in the most fulfilling way ever, there is something to do for everyone.

In this article, we will be unveiling our newly launched website Kohsamui.tours.
(German Version kohsamuiausflug.de)


This website is a brand that is aimed at detailing the tours and excursion sites available to tourists who visit the island. The website is meant to educate tourists who come here but will also to enable them to witness the welcoming culture of this region but through the proper paths and travel agency in more ways than one. Furthermore, unlike other tour agencies, we offer quality and satisfaction that will bring the tourist back for another visit and tell others why this is the place to book your next vacation.

Our charges are pocket-friendly with top-notch standard and international appeal.

Why should you choose us for your next trip?

Security is guaranteed

It is the little things in life that transform a boring vacation into an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Following the travel laws and regulations of the region, we ensure every tour point proffers ultimate security for the tourists.

For example, because as a holiday spot, it has many waterfront sites, tourists are in one way or another bound to be part of a boat ride to enable them to see everywhere. With that said, kohsamui.tours ensure the following

• Does the vessel meet the entire requirement for it to be used as a means of transportation?
• Is it carrying the required number of people and not indulging in overloading which can lead to dangerous affairs or compromise the safety of the passengers?
• Is the transport company or any tourists onboard insured?
• Is the vessel emergency prepared in the case of eventualities on the water?
• Does the boat have a medical/rescue team on board in the case of unforeseen circumstances?

Insurance and License

This is similar to asking a driver if they are certified and declared qualified, but it also enables them to remove themselves from trouble in the case of a problem.

We are an insured and licensed business and will guarantee that you will not be harassed by the police or raided on a tour for not following the laws and order according to the government.

Tour Amenities and Equipment

Nobody wants to incur impromptu costs while on a trip due to events that aren’t their doings. Whether it is a situation where you are ignorant of the entire circumstance or couldn’t prevent the condition from happening, we will take into account the standard and shape of all equipment and amenities to ensure you are safe. All checks will be conducted before and after every use taking into consideration wear and tear due to usages.

Be in the Know

Whether you are a constant traveler, you can’t know about all the changes that happen in the simple things of life. Such as how much the taxi fare is, is the route still safe and good to use, are there new rules regarding tourist movement and behavior? To keep you out of been ignorant and flaunting the law, full and detail information of the tour region will be handed over to the tourists, and all questions answered.


We want all guests to leave with welcoming culture that the country is known for. While we can guarantee this, we will also enjoy that visitors try to observe the way of life in their new surroundings as we try to do our best for you to explore this island in the most incredible experience ever.
We believe every tour should tell a story, bring back a fun memory, and put smiles on your faces as you explore the beauty of this island.

The Cost and Discounts

Don’t think you have the fund to tour to come here for your next holiday? Then you should register now on our website. We have got you covered, regardless of your budget; we will scout the best deals for everything you need to enjoy the ambiance of this nature’s gift. Furthermore, our charges are straightforward without any hidden prices or after cost that will have you scratching your head.

Koh Samui Tours – Our Team

The backbone and success of any team is the workforce; these will ensure that your trip is a success, and you start your experience with a beautiful bang.

Since most tourists are foreigners, kohsamui.tours try to eliminate the problems of understanding the language, and seamless communication in English is prerequisites on all tours. This will relax our tourists and enable them to enjoy the holidays effortlessly.



Customer reviews are a big seller to any tours, especially when visiting a country that has different dynamics from your point of exit. To avoid fake and paid reviews, we advise you to take a tour of our site to enable you to filter out the chaff from the grains.


Let’s take the stress of planning your next trip. Go through our page today for all the necessary information you need to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Our goal is to deliver exclusive information and support to our visitors including the plethora of activities that litter the length and breadth of the island.

At the end of it all, kohsamui.tours aim to ensure that every visit to the beautiful island is filled with love, adventure, smiles, stories and memories that will live with you forever.
Visit us today and let us know how to make your experience better.