Koh Samui Yoga Retreat – Visit Natural Detox Resort


The company is offering a holistic and natural approach to weight loss and full-body health.

Their resort in Koh Samui is a haven of peace and tranquility, and only 5 minutes from Koh Samui’s famous Lamai white-sand beach. On an 15 day/14 night retreat with Visit Natural Detox, you will take part in daily yoga classes, cardio sessions, strength workouts, as well as a host of feel-good extras.

Visit Natural Detox retreats are designed to give you a full mental and physical detox, meeting you wherever you are in your weight-loss journey. But this isn’t just a weight-loss retreat! A week here will give you the chance to experience a variety of different forms of movement and exercise that you may have not tried before.

You’ll learn about natural and healthy living, as well as practices that you can take home with you to help continue on your journey into a healthy lifestyle.


Koh Samui Yoga Retreat – The Classes

Each yoga class focuses on a different style of yoga. You can expect to dip your toes into the practices of Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, as well as Hatha Yoga. Every fitness class is suitable for all levels, and each attendee will have a private fitness assessment undertaken by a qualified and experienced personal trainer.

As well as daily classes, you’ll also have the opportunity to take part in a self-defense class, a Muay Thai class, and one ice bath during your week!

The Koh Samui yoga retreat also includes an overnight detox flush, daily homemade tea, and fat-burner supplements. This is a holistic experience full of methods aimed at leaving you feeling your absolute best.


Koh Samui Yoga Retreat – The Approach

Visit Natural Detox retreats do exactly as it says – it focuses on detoxing the body using natural methods. The leaders believe in good nutrition as both a preventative measure and cure for diseases, with their on-site café serving some of the best food to be found on Koh Samui.

They promise that you will finish your week feeling revived and with soaring energy levels through daily movement, a good diet, and detox methods.

Each day consists of:

● An early morning cardio session – hiking through the jungle or going for a swim in the ocean.
● A meditative morning yoga class.
● A late-afternoon intense fat-burning workout

As well as a multitude of optional extras such as:

● Massage
● Additional colon cleanses
● Chinese cupping
● Ear candling
● Body scrubs

The retreat aims at providing you with a mental and physical detox, whilst teaching you the basics of yoga and fitness practices so that you can continue your healthy lifestyle when you leave paradise and head home.


Koh Samui Yoga Retreat – The Teachers

The teachers on the Visit Natural Detox retreats are in love with their practices, and passionate about sharing everything they know with their students. As well as taking students through classes, teachers will share with you the benefits of each practice and what there is to gain from implementing healthy movements into your daily life. Their wealth of combined experience means that you will be in safe hands and learning from the very best!

Your free time

Your afternoons are free to soak up all of those sunny endorphins and vitamin D – maybe you’ll rent a bike and explore the island, chill on Lamai beach, get a Thai massage, or spend time filling your body with nutritious food at the on-site health restaurant. Meals are not included in this retreat, but the organic retreat restaurant caters to a multitude of diets including vegetarian, vegan, raw, and gluten-free.




Stressed out from daily life and needed to recap and build confidence from within.
More than just yoga but includes hiking, cardio and strength classes I really enjoyed my stay at this retreat. Being a solo female traveler and amongst other reasons that arose… I almost didn’t go. Staff at the resort and bookretreats.com were super understanding and in the end, I decided I didn’t want to miss out. I’m very glad I did. The food was excellent. I miss it ?. The variety of activities was the best bit as I get easily bored… I feel fitter and more confident. I’m also super happy that the classes were small to keep the family vibe and it made it far more personal. You do hear the muay Thai school next door but it’s not much of an issue if you are participating in the activities. The staff was extremely caring and helpful. Hopefully, I get the chance to go back!

Stella Wan

An outstanding professional team led by Lander who is an enthusiastic champion of the activity program and the Manager & owner of the resort. Friendly, warm, welcoming staff who deliver excellent customer service. The food in the Wild Tribe Cafe is of à consistently excellent standard served by cheerful and professional staff. A must-do detox experience. A place to return to if you want to get results and enjoying yourself & the great food.


Winning formula! Lander and his staff strike just the right balance with their encouragement and support, and a comprehensive program for health and wellness. A variety of fitness options keep it lively and challenging.
Hikes in nature are really fun! Kudos to the yoga teachers and physical trainers who are superb. Small outfit supporting the environment with green initiatives, and relying on local businesses. Had no clue I would be doing a Muay Thai Boxing workout, but loved it!


My stay at visit natural detox
Was wonderful from start to finish. From the welcome to the clean rooms and lovely pool to the amazing workouts throughout the day and incredibly warm and friendly staff, I couldn’t have asked for more. Being able to eat clean and having a kitchen staff that pays attention to everyone’s needs – allergy, detox, or otherwise – is something I value a lot and if you do as well, you won’t be disappointed.
The beach is literally 5 minutes walking with two restaurants that offer free sunbeds. The water is a bit choppy so I didn’t swim in the ocean, but the pool is refreshing and welcoming so it filled that need. With the 3-4 workouts a day (cardio/yoga/strength) there’s not a whole lot of time for that anyway so the pool was perfect.
I loved the hikes and bike rides at 7 am and it was fun getting to try out Muay Thai boxing one day. The reviews are true – you can hear them through the day but they work out roughly the same times as the workouts offered to us so it didn’t matter too much.
Having the massage and nail spa right across the street was a favorite, and getting laundry done right next door (basically) for 80baht x 1 kilo made it so I didn’t have to bring home sweaty smelly clothes.
The only thing I wasn’t super keen on was the self-defense morning – I wish there were two options that day (there are often 2 options of workouts at 7 am). But if it’s not your thing you can always sleep in or walk on the beach!
I would recommend this space, their staff, and the workouts they provide to any of my friends. So grateful for my time there

Lo Wan