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Do you own a property or a resort, but do not receive guests frequently? Do you own a vacation or campground with little or no visitors? Do you own any kind of property you intend to generate revenue from, but do not have an idea of how to showcase it to the world? There is a solution for you, Cloudbeds Property Management Software has got you covered. In this age where everything is virtually online, Cloudbeds is your best bet to meeting your guest and revenue generation target.

Cloudbeds helps you drive more bookings and revenue, without changing your original modus operandi. With its state of the art management software, it helps improve the daily management of your property. It has an effective global support team, always ready to listen and improving on how to serve better.

With easy accessibility on any smart device, Cloudbeds was made just for you. All over the globe, it has become a force to be reckoned with, as partnerships with property owners over time, has resulted in increased revenues and bookings alike.

award winning property management system

See what Cloudbeds clients have learned:

The profit margin increase after only 3 months.
The saved time of work per week, on average.

Challenges Faced By Property Managers/Owners

The primary challenge faced by property managers or owners is having so much to do, but not enough time to get things done. They are expected to plan bookings and attend to customer complaints, as well as promoting and marketing of the business.

They also make sure statistical and financial records are maintained, all of this while still trying to be actively involved in their personal lives. Cloudbeds will help you reduce the amount of time used to carry out these tasks, that way you can focus on other important things. You can see it as a personal assistant that will always be on the job, no matter what.

You can oversee the affairs of your property through an easy to use dashboard. There are a drag and drop calendar, which helps you manage reservations. You also get to maximize occupancy and revenue, as well as receive all forms of payment instantly. There’s also a housekeeping module, which indicates what rooms need urgent attention. You have the option to choose to accept and manage direct bookings, and this is attributable to a conversation-friendly booking engine.

Basically, life gets easier right after signing up your property on Cloudbeds, not to forget the kind of exposure it will provide through its channels. This solves the problems of marketing and promoting your property.

Any Questions about smart property management? 

Smart Property Management Software

From before check-in to post check out, Cloudbeds has everything your guest needs for a smooth and comfortable stay. With it, you are offered a centralized location to manage your operations. Your login will access your smart property management system, hotel revenue management, booking engine, and many more features.

All these combined, help to showcase your property to prospective clients, customers, and guests. It has very effective channels, through which your property is advertised. So you don’t have to worry about how to get your guests. Just sign up, register your property and login to your account. Now all you need do is sit back and watch Cloudbeds work its magic.

Cloudbeds tools play very important roles, and the combination of these tools when used effectively, will empower your property to work like a perfectly meshed gear. These are the best set of tools, just for the right price. Listed below are a few of these important tools.

My Bookings

Cloudbeds possesses a commission-free booking engine, that can be embedded in your website and Facebook page. Essentially, it allows guests to book reservations and directly forwards them to your property management system (PMS).

 property management booking engine.jpg

Smart Property Management Features:

  • Dedicated Booking Engine
  • Facebook Engine
  • Promotional Rate Plans
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Promotion Codes
  • Multiple Languages
  • Commission-free
  • and much more

My Frontdesk

As a hotel manager, you have your day-to-day property tasks, your front desk will help you with that. Basically, this is Cloudbeds property management system (PMS). Your front desk provides you daily activity reports like arrivals and departures report, in-house and no-show reports, cancellation report and account balances. Other reports include revpar, transactions and daily financial reports, channel production and adjustments reports, amongst others.

smart property management system.jpg

Smart Property Management Features:

  •  Dashboard
  •  Click & Drag Calendar
  •  Room/Bed Assignments
  •  Personalized Taxes, Fees & Policies
  •  Full Reports Suite
  •  Invoicing & Custom Payment Options
  •  Multi-user Roles
  •  and much more

My allocator

With this tool, your property gets to virtually cross borders. With the help of this channel manager, your property will be listed with niche online marketplaces. You get to increase your reach to over 300 distribution channels made available. If it so happens you get confused about what channel to make use of, there is a guide to help with that. And most importantly, there are trained hospitality consultants, that can help you choose which is most profitable for you.

smart property management channel manager.jpg

Smart Property Mangement Features:

  • Unlimited Channel Connections
  • Central Pool of Inventory
  • Channel Specific Pricing
  • Credit Card Retrieval
  • Currency Conversion
  • and much more

Channel Partners: Agoda, Asia Rooms, Airbnb,, Ctrip, Expedia, Home Away, Tripadvisor and much more.

Cloudbeds lets you utilize your hotel metrics to increase productivity, by compiling production, financial and daily activity reports. These metrics help you monitor your property’s progress, as well as guest activities. They also show track records of transaction reports and adjustments. You can monitor when your guests are booking, coming, going and staying. This is very important, as it aids in the efficient distribution of your resources.

When you’re registered with Cloudbeds, there’s no limit to the amount of traction you would get. These days majority of travelers make use of the internet, to search for good hotels, motels, air bed and breakfast to settle in. No matter what kind of property you have, as long as you’ve got the space and resources, Cloudbeds has the numbers. It would actively showcase your property to millions of eyes globally, even to places you have never been to.

Cloudbeds is currently available in English, Portuguese and Spanish languages. Soon there will be more languages supported by the system. As regards pricing, there are four various plans available to register for, depending on which suits you. Pricing is actually calculated based on the type of property, and how many rooms you have available for booking. First, you start with the month-to-month contract, then you can upgrade to the yearly contract which comes with bonuses.

The four available plans, alongside their approximate pricing, are listed as follows:
1. Essentials $142-$237
2. Plus $199-$332
3. Premier $228-$380
4. Enterprise (on request)

If you’re still stuck with the arbitrary way of managing your property and expecting an increased number of guests, it would be a wise choice to upgrade today. Cloudbeds will seamlessly align with your tasks, schedules and property information. All of that information will be utilized, to generate more revenue. Your property will also be exposed to millions all over the globe, through various distribution channels designed specifically for your niche. Cloudbeds is arguably the best in its field, and working with them will only improve your property’s functionality. That aside, you will begin to notice how easier it is, to carry out your tasks and responsibilities. Just as soon as you begin to make use of the hotel management software.

So sign up and register today, Cloudbeds centralized platform is the perfect medium for you and your property.

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