Transportation Koh Samui

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The range of means of transportation Koh Samui is very large. Even if the popular Tuk Tuks of Thailand are missing on the island, there are quite a few alternatives that you can use as a visitor. From expensive to affordable options, everything is included in this very article transport Koh Samui. Of course, it depends on your preference, whether you want to take a Taxi, Songthaew, Motorcycle or something else. To get you informed before your holiday on Koh Samui starts, we have put together all means of transport in the following.


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Taking a taxi on Koh Samui is by far the most expensive way of getting around the island. Yes, the taxis do have a taximeter, but most of the drivers don’t use it and you will find somebody turn it on only in the rarest of cases. If you find a taxi driver who turns on the taximeter, this will start at 50 Baht and at the end there will be an additional 50 Baht island surcharge on the price. Otherwise, the prices for a taxi on Koh Samui are negotiable. Often they start at a price of 400 Baht and depending on the distance it can cost as much as 1000 Baht or more. Heads up, never get into a taxi without negotiating the price first.


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In addition to the normal taxi, there are also some motorbike taxis on Koh Samui. Mostly you can recognize the drivers by wearing a vest in orange or blue color with a number on it. You can simply wave with your hand to stop a motorbike-taxi. With this type of public transport, you must negotiate the price with the driver each time in advance. Depending on your destination the price can range from 50 to 100 Baht for short distances and for longer distances it could also be 200 Baht or more.

Smart Transportation Koh Samui: Minivan

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Minivans are another way to move around Koh Samui. However, this option is somewhat limited, because you will actually use them only if you book a transport from the airport to your hotel or if you will get picked up on an organized tour. The only other way to use the minivans would be to book a private minivan. Maybe that is an option for your whole family to explore the island with a private driver.

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A Songthaew, also known as a shared taxi, is a converted pickup with two benches. In most Songthaews you will also find a bell that you can press if the taxi should stop (similar to the buses in Europe). There are no fixed times or stops. The drivers are honking on the way at all people who are walking, to take them if necessary. Otherwise, you can just give the passing Songthaew a hand signal and it will stop and take you. The busiest route is on Chaweng Beach Road, as well as on the ring road that completely leads around Koh Samui. For short distances the price is 50 Baht per person. For longer distances across the ring road from one town to another, prices of 100 to 150 Baht per person are often called. You can get a cheaper price if you are traveling with many people and rent the entire shared taxi. The price for the whole Songthaew should be about 400 Baht per trip. In the evening, especially on the ring road less shared taxis are on the way, which is why the price can then increase a bit. More info and a route map you find here: Transitsamui

Rent a Scooter

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A good way to discover Koh Samui is renting a scooter or motorcycle. This is the preferred option of many tourists and makes you absolutely independent of other means of transport. In countless shops or hotels on the island you can rent a scooter, just watch out for the “Motorbike for rent” sign. The prices vary from 150 to 200 Baht per day. If you rent the scooter for a long time, e.g. one month, you usually will get a discount. During low season it can also happen that you find scooters for a price of 100 Baht per day. With a standard scooter of 100 or 125 cc, you can almost get anywhere on Koh Samui, as 95% of the roads are paved and in a passable condition – but pay attention to potholes.

Of course it is also important that you have your international driver’s license and wear a helmet at all times. There are a lot of accidents happening on Koh Samui and from time to time there will be police check points. Not wearing a helmet or having a driver’s license will just cost you 500 Baht fine, but it’s a matter of safety to have both. If you don’t have an international driver’s license while having an accident it could end badly for you, because many insurances don’t pay if you drive without a valid license in Thailand.

Furthermore, if you rent a scooter thoroughly check the bike for damages and take some pictures of it and tell the owner of the shop. Most of the renting shops take your passport as a deposit, but if that doesn’t feel good for you, you can always ask for another deposit like 5000 to 10000 Baht. Of course, you will get your deposit back when returning the scooter.

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Rent a Car

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Just as you can rent a scooter on the island, it is also possible to rent a car. Either in some shops like Sixt or Thai Rent a car, at the airport as well as directly at your hotel. Many of these cars are pickups or off-road jeeps, but it’s also possible to rent smaller cars. If you want to go up to the mountains, then a pickup or 4×4 wheels should be your choice. The price to rent a car ranges between 800 – 1200 Baht per day, depending on what type of car and the condition. Also take care that you have an international driver’s license and that the car is insured. The rental process is similar to the scooter.

New Transportation Koh Samui: Public Bus

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The last option is a very new one. The Transit Samui Public Bus, a daily bus service from the Nathon Pier to the airport and vice versa. A ticket costs 140 Baht per person and the bus starts every hour from 7.30 A.M. to 9.30 P.M.

The bus serves two routes around Koh Samui, the Pink Route and the Blue Route, which are taking different ways from the airport to Nathon and back. If you take the Pink Route from the airport to Nathon Pier it will take about 1 hour and if you take the Blue Route it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes from one end to another.

The Pink Route serves the following stops: Airport, Bangrak Pier, Bangrak Temple, Bophut Fisherman’s Village, Bophut PTT Gas station, Maenam Mini Tesco Lotus, Baan Tai, Bang Por and the Nathon Pier. The Blue Route goes the other way around Koh Samui and serves the following: Airport, Chaweng, Chaweng Rajabhat University, Chaweng Noi Bangkok Airways Office, Chaweng Noi The Sarann Hotel, Lamai Tesco Lotus, Hin Ta & Hin Yai, Hua Thanon, Namuang CPD Samui, Baan Saket, Baan Lipa Noi, Baan Lipa Yai and the Nathon Pier.

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The bus stops are marked with a sign showing you the name of the station as well as a map of the route. The bus is coupled with a GPS tracking system, has a speed monitor and CCTV from the Department of Land Transport, which means it is safe for tourists to try this new transportation on Koh Samui.

Any Questions about transportation Koh Samui?

Note Transportation Koh Samui: NaviGo

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You maybe heard of Grab to book a taxi online, which is quite famous in Thailand and as transport in Samui. But have you ever heard of NaviGo? It is a good alternative app on Koh Samui. With this app you can book a taxi on Koh Samui to pick you up at your current location using GPS coordinates. The booking fee is 100 Baht and afterwards you will have to pay 30 Baht per kilometer on top of the booking fee. Partly it can be cheaper than bargaining for the price of a taxi. It is definitely worth to try during your holidays on Koh Samui.

As you can see, there are a few ways to explore the island or to get from one place to another. You have to decide for yourself which means of transport is your favorite. However, many people prefer the scooter or car to discover Koh Samui on their own. Check out: Navi Go App and more

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