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Koh Samui Water Sports

Koh Samui surely is a destination to just relax on the beach, but if that’s not what you are looking for then check out all the activities on the water. There are plenty to exercise like kayaking, stand up paddling or Kite Surfing.

Or maybe you are looking for a thrilling adventure then don’t miss things like the Fly Boarding, Jet Pack, Tornado Water Extreme and many more. To get you familiar with all the opportunities you will find on Samui we compiled this list of 14 things to do on the water.


1. Scuba Diving

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Even if there are no dive spots close by, you can find lots of diving schools around Koh Samui, mostly in the areas of Bophut or Chaweng. The archipelago of Koh Samui is a great spot for diving, but first, you will learn the basics mostly in a swimming pool and also theoretical, if you decide to participate in a PADI diving course. Two well-known diving schools are for example the Bophut Diving School or the Easy Divers. After completing your training you will embark on diving excursions in the Gulf of Thailand, where you can see lots of fish, rays, corals and sometimes even whale sharks or the pink dolphins. The most diving sites are located a little bit far away from Samui, but nothing you can’t reach within an hour or two. Explore Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan, the famous Sail Rock or the Ang Thong Marine National Park underwater. Surely you will make some great memories.

2. Snorkeling

properties away koh samui water sport snorkeling

The island of Koh Tao is also famous for snorkeling, but did you know that there are some nice sites to snorkel on Samui, too? Especially the smaller bays like the Coral Cove Bay or the Silver Beach/Crystal Bay between Lamai and Chaweng attract some snorkelers. Those are probably the best spots on Koh Samui, otherwise, you will have to go south to Thong Krut. There you could rent a long tail boat which brings you to snorkeling sites near the islands of Koh Taen and Koh Madsum, just off the coast of Koh Samui. On-site you can even see barracudas or small stingrays if you are lucky. Water Sports Koh Samui will be an unforgettable nice vacation memory.

Visit the best snorkeling place here Unique snorkel excursion Koh Tan & Koh Mudsum  german_version Einzigartiger Schnorchelausflug Koh Tan & Koh Mudsum

3. Parasailing

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Would you like to see the ocean and the beach from above? Then you should try parasailing to see all the beauty from the air. It is a unique experience to explore the island of Koh Samui. You don’t need to know anything about parasailing beforehand, because the locals instruct you and usually fly with you as well. If you dream of flying, then you can make the dream come true on Koh Samui and float in the air. It’s an exciting activity which you will find on many different beaches like Lamai Beach, Bophut Beach, etc. Prices start at 2.000 Baht for parasailing, but it’s absolutely worth it.

4. Kayaking

properties away koh samui water sport kayaking

On most beaches of Koh Samui Kayaks are available for rent and it’s a nice change to discover the island by water. Also kayaking is a great exercise during your holiday, so you not just lazily lying around on the beach all day long. Mostly the prices for a kayak start at 200 Baht per hour, but you probably will get a discount, if you rent it out for some more hours. A great trip with the Kayak would be e.g. from Chaweng Beach to the nearby island of Koh Matlang. Furthermore, kayaking is often a feature with day trips to the Ang Thong National Park and we have to say, the scenery over there is just amazing.

Click here for the amazing Kayak Trip Amazing Kayak Tour Koh Tan & Koh Mudsum
 Ausflug Kajak fahren und Korallenriff schnorcheln

5. Jet Ski / Jet Ski Safari

properties away koh samui water sport jetski safari

Jet Ski is a popular adventure among travelers. They are offered on many beaches on the island, such as Chaweng Beach, Lamai Beach, Choeng Mon Beach or Bophut Beach. Half an hour of jet skiing costs between 1.500 and 2.000 baht. Also, be sure to thoroughly inspect the Jet Ski for damage before riding. These could otherwise amount to a few thousand Baht and spoil the holiday experience. Otherwise, jet skiing is a lot of fun once you’re on the ocean where there aren’t any swimmers.

The Jetski Safari is a great addition to exploring the ocean of Koh Samui on a half-day trip. Prices for a tour start at 10.000 Baht for two people and you will be instructed by a guide, who is accompanying you throughout the trip. Life jackets, insurance, drinks, and snacks are usually included in the price. There are some options where the Jet Ski Safari is headed to. You can either choose to explore the ocean and the neighboring island of Koh Phangan, head south to Koh Madsum and Koh Taen or start your trip in the west of Koh Samui to the five islands. The weather is mandatory as you will need a calm ocean to realize the trip. Definitely, something special when it comes to trips around Koh Samui.

Do you need more adrenalin? Jet Ski Adventure Safari 5 hours pax included
 Ausflug Jet Ski Abenteuer Safari 5 Stunden mit Passagier

6. Water Ski

properties away koh samui water ski

When water skiing you stand on two skis, similar to skiing in winter. In addition, there is a handrail attached to a boat so that the boat can tow you over the surface of the water. It is a popular water sport among tourists on Koh Samui. You can do this exercise, e.g. at Chaweng Beach. The first time it can be a bit harder to stay on the water skis, but the more often you try it, the easier it will be. It definitely brings fun and your adrenaline will shoot up. You will be instructed in the equipment by a guide and the safety precautions will be explained. If you are looking for an adventure on Koh Samui, try water skiing. Prices start from 1.800 Baht per person.

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7. Kite Surfing

properties away koh samui water sport kite surfing

Koh Samui is also a good place for kite surfing. There are two kite surfing schools from Kiteboarding Asia (KBA) situated on the island. You can either learn kite surfing or just gain more experience if you already know how to kitesurf. Between February and March is the best season for kiting as the wind is more predictable. But basically, kite surfing is possible all year round. From April to October, the west coast around Nathon is the best spot and during the months of November to March, it’s better to hit the southeast coast. If kite surfing is new to you then you can try it in a one-day course. Prices start at 4.000 Baht.

8. SUP (Stand Up Paddling)

properties away koh samui water sport stand up paddle

Stand up paddling (SUP) is becoming increasingly popular among visitors to Koh Samui. That’s why you’ll find this activity on several beaches on the island. Since Koh Samui often has no waves, stand up paddling is ideal as a sport. At Chaweng Beach you will find e.g. Naish SUP, around the island of Koh Matlang, where you can rent a board and even take classes. At Lamai Beach, there is e.g. Samui paddleboard offering the same. Water Sports Koh Samui offers something for everyone. If you’ve never tried stand up paddling, then it’s certainly just the thing to do during your Koh Samui vacation.

9. Tornado Water Extreme

properties away koh samui water sport tornado xtreme

In Bophut you can find the Tornado Water Extreme, you could say an extreme speedboat that will take you across the Gulf of Thailand. It is not necessarily a kind of water sports, but rather an experience like in a roller coaster of an amusement park. The speedboat picks up very high speeds, jumps over the waves and occasionally dives into the water with its nose, creating a fountain of water. Sharp curves, strong braking and the high speed will certainly give some participants an adrenaline rush. For a 20 minute ride, you will be charged around 2.000 Baht.

The maximum adventure on the ocean, click here for booking Extreme Tornado Boat Koh Samui Activity german_version Extreme Tornado Boot Aktion Aktivität

10. Flyboarding

properties away koh samui water sport flyboard

Flyboard is a relatively new highlight for water sports on Koh Samui. You stand on a board and will be catapulted by water pressure into the air. The water is drawn directly from the sea and passed through a hose in your Flyboard, which lets you glide over the sea, if you would say so. With a bit more practice you can even dive with the Flyboard underwater and then shoot like a dolphin out of the ocean. It is definitely an unforgettable experience and easier to learn than it looks. Prices for 15 minutes of fun start at 1.800 Baht.

Do you want to join it? Jetboard 30 minutes adrenalin activity
 Einzigartige Aktivität Jetboard 30 Minuten

11. Banana Boat

properties away koh samui water sport banana boat

The Banana Boat is known to anyone who has ever made a beach vacation because this activity is almost everywhere. You sit on an inflatable banana one behind the other and can hold on to the handle. The banana boat is pulled by a speedboat and then bounces over the waves. But take care during curves. On sharp turns, the participants like to drop from the Banana Boat, which of course makes the fun. If you’ve never ridden a Banana Boat before, the speedboat starts at a slower speed. More experienced participants can prove how long they can hold on to the Banana. From small to extreme speeds that increase your adrenaline levels, anything is possible here. You can also find this on the beaches of Chaweng, Lamai or Lipa Noi. Prices also start at 500 Baht per person.

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 Lustige Aktivität Bananen Boot Fahrt 10 Minuten

12. Wake Board

properties away koh samui water sport wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is somewhat reminiscent of skateboarding only on the water and at higher speeds. The board is strapped to your feet and you are then pulled by a handle in your hands from the boat. The speeds can be up to 30 km/h and waves will be caused by the boat. You can lay down acrobatic jumps or just try to keep your balance on the board. For a 15 minute ride, you will pay about 1.600 Baht, introduction and life jacket are included. It’s just one of the exciting Water Sports Koh Samui experience.

13. Towable Sofa

properties away koh samui water sport towable

The Towable Sofa is similar to the Banana Boat, except that you are sitting here on an inflatable sofa, which is a bit more comfortable. Also, especially with smaller children, this is a better alternative than the Banana Boat. The towable sofa is pulled by a speedboat over the sea and depending on the speed it jumps more or less over the waves. With several people, you can rent several Towable Sofas and organize a small race. On Koh Samui, you will find this activity e.g. at Chaweng Beach, Lamai Beach or Lipa Noi Beach. A real fun thing to do, which is starting at 500 Baht per person.

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14. Jetpack

properties away koh samui water sport jetpack

The Jetpack is very similar to the Flyboard and takes you high in the air. The difference is that you’re wearing a jetpack on your shoulders, as in some Hollywood movies, and are not standing on a board. The power of a Jetski engine pumps water in the jetpack and you can regulate the intensity with the handles. Depending on the strength you can fly up to 15 meters high. Equipped with a helmet, a life jacket and a briefing before the first flight, this is certainly an absolutely exciting and unique water sport. Prices start from 1.500 Baht for a 10-minute flight.

You can be the action hero Activity Activity Jetpack flying 30 minutes Koh Samui
 Aktivität Jetpack fliegen 30 Minuten

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