West Coast Beaches Koh Samui

West Coast Beaches on Koh Samui

Samui West Coast Beaches

The west coast of Koh Samui is much quieter than the east coast with the famous beaches like Chaweng or Lamai. Not so well-known amongst many tourists, you can find some lonely and secluded spots on those beaches. We introduced you to the east coast beaches in another article and now it’s about time to cover the other side of the beautiful and tropical island. There are not as many beaches as on the west coast, but surely some quiet and lovely ones.

To get an overview for you about the western beaches of Koh Samui we compiled this list. Starting in the north west and ending obviously in the south.

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1. Laem Yai – Koh Samui Beach

West Coast Beach Laem Yai Koh Samui

Located on the northwestern coast of Koh Samui the Laem Yai Beach is surrounded by some luxury resorts such as the Four Seasons or The Passage. Most visitors of the Laem Yai Beach are guests of the hotels on site. Of course, you can still visit the beach if you are not a guest in those resorts, because the Laem Yai Beach has public access as well as massages on the beach. The water is mostly shallow, which isn’t great for swimming but the idyllic palm fringed beach is an ideal place to relax or go kayaking. If there is high tide it is better suitable for swimming, but unfortunately there isn’t much sand of the beach left during high tide. One reason why you should definitely visit the Laem Yai Beach is the sunset. Since the sun is setting on the west coast of the island you will have a fantastic view from the beach and most probably you can enjoy it all by yourself.

Google Maps Location: Laem Yai Beach

2. Bang Makham – Beach Koh Samui

West Coast Beaches-Koh Samui Bang makham Beach

Directly at the ring road of Koh Samui you can find the Bang Makham Beach, but just under special circumstances. When it is high tide there is no beach at all and the water just builds the coastline along the ring road, but during low tide the beach gets visible. Unfortunately the Bang Makham Beach is not a great spot when it comes to swimming. The stretch of sand as well as the water is covered with shells, rocks and sometimes even waste, which is washed up ashore during high tide. However, the almost two kilometers long beach leads the way from the Laem Yai Beach to the town of Nathon and offers a beautiful view of the Ang Thong Marine National Park and some nice beach side restaurants.

Google Maps Location: Bang Makham Beach

3. Nathon Beach

West Coast Beaches-Koh Samui Nathon Beach

Nathon is the main town of Koh Samui and also located on the west coast. Despite of the port the town itself still offers a beach for visitors, which is quite nice at the southern end. But since Nathon sees many boats arriving and leaving the water isn’t as clear as on many other beaches around the island. Also usually it is very shallow and not the best option to go for a swim. By the way, locals are visiting the beach in the late afternoon go find some shells and crabs to eat. However, the Nathon Beach is still worth a visit, especially during sunset time. Find a nice spot near the water and enjoy the sun disappearing behind the horizon. On the other hand during the month of April until October the west coast around Nathon is a popular spot for kite surfers, if you are into that.

Google Maps Location: Nathon Beach

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4. Lipa Noi – Beach Samui

West Coast Beaches-Koh Samui Lipa noi Beach

The Lipa Noi Beach is located just south of Nathon, Koh Samui’s main town. Compared to the beaches on the east coast of the island it is still rarely visited. Only the expensive luxury resort Nikki Beach attracts many party people when the live DJs work on site. Nevertheless, a visit to the fine sandy beach is worthwhile and you can always find a secluded spot away from the famous resort. The Lipa Noi Beach is also a little bit divided by a huge rock. The northern part is more suitable for swimming, while the southern part is situated near the Lipa Noi pier where the big ferries from the mainland arrive. Even in the evening the beach is highly recommended and you can find easily a nice spot for yourself, because Lipa Noi also offers beautiful sunsets to enjoy, like all west coast beaches.

Google Maps Location: Lipa Noi Beach

5. Taling Ngam – Beach Koh Samui

West Coast Beaches-Koh Samui Taling Ngam Beach

The beach of Taling Ngam is one of the quietest beaches on the west coast of Koh Samui. It still has an authentic atmosphere, because it has been spared by the tourist crowds so far. At the Taling Ngam Beach itself you can find a few luxurious resorts, which offer sun beds and umbrellas, if you order something on site. But even if you don’t want to head to the luxury hotels you can also sit in the shade of the palm trees, enjoy the views of the Five Islands or swim in the clear waters. Furthermore, you will not meet many visitors at the Taling Ngam Beach and probably have a whole stretch of sand for yourself. The seclusion and tranquility makes the Taling Ngam Beach special and that’s what it’s all about.

Google Maps Location: Taling Ngam Beach

6. Pang Ka Beach

West Coast Beach Pang Ka Koh Samui

The small beach of Pang Ka is connected to the southern end of the Taling Ngam Beach. It is located on a really small and secluded bay, which is especially known for its beautiful sunsets. The beach is usually very lonely and not necessarily suitable for swimming, since the water is very shallow. At low tide, you even have to walk more than a kilometer to reach the water. A few small restaurants have settled along the beach, but the seclusion of it makes the food a bit more expensive at Pang Ka. If you want to spend a lonely day on the beach and enjoy a great sunset, then Pang Ka Beach is the right choice for you.

Google Maps Location: Pang Ka Beach

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7. Conrad Beach Ao Thai

West Coast Beaches -Koh Samui Conrad Beach Ao Thai

The Ao Thai Beach as it is called could be seen as the private beach of the Conrad Samui Resort. The 5 star hotel with its private villas is built on the peninsula south of the Pang Ka Beach. The Ao Thai Beach itself is a relatively short stretch of sand with some sun beds and umbrellas provided by the resort. If you are not a guest it’s almost impossible to get to the beach. However, the Ao Thai Beach is not the best one for swimming and guests of the Conrad Resort mostly spend their time on the infinity pool with an overview of the Gulf of Thailand.

Google Maps Location: Conrad Beach / Ao Thai

As you can see after this article there are much less beaches than on Koh Samui’s east coast. But there is one huge advantage of all those beaches on the west coast, which is the view for the sunset. That’s something the east coast can’t provide and therefore a visit to the western part of Koh Samui is worthwhile, if you like to enjoy beautiful sunsets.


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